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“This past winter I went to probably one of the biggest organic food fairs in the world in Germany. I tasted more organic pure chocolates than I would ever want over three days. When I found Nomad Organics chocolate in Grass Valley,  I was pleasantly surprised to find such a perfection of smoothness and sweetness. Thank you Aharon!”   –Avital

“I saw your chocolate at Broad Street Bistro and was super excited because I can’t eat sugar but miss chocolate very much! I live in the bay area and would love to know if you plan to sell it anywhere here. Thanks so much and best of luck with everything!” -Kristy

“Thanks for taking the time to make such high quality chocolates – I can confidently say they are the best I have tried. I’m especially grateful for the simplicity of the ingredients, as they do not contain so many of the items that so many of us are allergic to or that cause inflammation (soy, sugar, dairy, etc).” –Carrie

“Thank you for those lovely chocolates you sent. The rose in particular was delicious. How can I get more!” -Suzanne

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