The Story

Like you, I have long been in the spell of chocolate.  I was never a candy-man; I preferred the subtle pleasures and dark mysteries of cacao to the cloying sweetness of brightly colored sugary tarts.

Even the finest dark chocolates, though, were sweetened by heavily-refined sugar, and when those times came that I completely eliminated processed sugar from my diet, I would long for my bittersweet love.

Why, I wondered, couldn’t someone unite cacao with the magic of raw honey?

The Nomad
Five years of journeying and seeking had yet to bring me to a home in which to plant my feet and rest my head.  In that time,  mynomad short stays included Stockbridge, MA, Sedona and Hopi AZ, Philadelphia PA, Santa Monica and Oakland CA,  Jerusalem Israel, Bend OR,  Salt Lake City UT, Chicago, IL and the Hudson Valley in NY.  Come fall of 2012, I arrived in Nevada City, California.

My friend and I were camping in the forest on the Ridge near North San Juan.  This little town had two establishments–the Brass Rail, an odd mashup of a pizza parlor, pool hall, bar, and local grocery; and the Ridge Stop Cafe. brass rail kitchen One day, the Brass Rail had a party, and my friend suggested that she could do bodywork in a corner.  The manager agreed, and spurred by some muse, I asked, “What if I made some chocolate?”

As we left the bar, I wondered what exactly I was thinking.  I was living out of a car, had no kitchen, utensils or materials, and had never even made chocolate for anyone before!  I stopped by the local coop for some supplies, got permission to use the side kitchen at the store, and with some improvisational flare and a measure of grace, created an array ofbrassrail chocolates that had a unique texture and taste, and, best of all, that I sweetened with  local raw honey. After selling a handful at the party, I was left with a lot of chocolate.  I decided to walk over to the cafe the next day to see if they would sell it.  They said yes.

A month later, I had left Nevada City and the Ridge, and on Christmas of 2012 I camped alone in the rain on the Pacific Coast north of San Francisco.  Entranced by the pounding surf and majesty of the sea, I wondered what next.  As I sat there, mindfully sampling a full array of the chocolates I had created, her charms captivated me and called me back to the cauldron.  So Nomad Organics was born.








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