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Free shipping holiday special!

I´m putting together little gift bags so you can give your friends and family a chocolate treat this holiday season.  You can specify 3 or more chocolates per bag.  I´ve also got a special winter flavor out–Winter Spice–inspired by the warming spices of gingerbread.  From now until December 26th, any order over $35 ($3/bar) gets free priority mail shipping!  Email  Find your flavors here.


Now at the Patch!

I’m happy to announce that you can now purchase Nomad Organics Bliss bars at the Briar Patch Coop.  We’ve started off with the following flavors:

  • 77% Darkpatch
  • 65% Dark (called “Honey”)
  • Raspberry Pecan
  • Lavender Chai
  • Orange Coffee
  • Lime Chili Sea Salt

If you’re missing one of your favorite flavors, please let me know.